The momentum created by the Cunningham v. Aetna case in Oklahoma has contributed to a national trend of lawsuits being filed against health insurers who deny proton therapy to their policyholders suffering from cancer.  Readers of this blog may will recall the Cunningham vs. Aetna case in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma in November, 2018. In that

A high-profile California insurance bad faith lawsuit brought by Gillen Washington and his attorney Scott Glovsky against his health insurance company, Aetna, has now been settled.  In this case, first reported on by CNN, evidence emerged in the form of the Aetna-in house doctor’s testimony that Aetna medical directors make decisions on policyholders’ claims without

United Healthcare (“UHC”), the largest health insurance company in America, was found by the California Department of Insurance to have committed over 900,000 violations of California laws and regulations.  As a result, the California Insurance Commissioner imposed $173 million in fines.  UHC challenged the fines in court, and in early January the California Supreme Court

CNN’s Wayne Drash (@drashmanCNN) has written a series of gut-wrenching, infuriating and telling stories recently regarding the health insurance industry’s treatment of policyholders.  They illustrate how profit is a more powerful motivator to the health insurance industry that policyholders.  Anyone interested in this issue specifically or responsible corporate behavior in general should take a look

CNN just ran an incredible story by Wayne Drash (see it here) on a health insurance claim denial by one of the country’s largest insurers, Aetna.  The story involved the case of Gillen Washington, a 23-year-old Californian, who is represented by attorney Scott Glovsky.  Apparently, Aetna denied medical treatment to Gillen based on the